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5 Key Technology Issues Faced By Property Managers - How To Find The Best Solution

15 Disaster Prone Property Management "Strategies."  Don’t waste time figuring ways to fail, read this and learn how to do so immediately.

21st Century Landlord as a Cop, The.  Will the landlord be forced to police his properties?

Advantages of Telephonic Tenant Screening, The  

After The Eviction

Analysis of Sharon P. v. Arman, Ltd., An.  This is a seminal California judicial decision on the landlord’s liability for damages to his tenant for the unlawful acts of third persons on the premises.

Apartment Renter Demographics And What They Mean To You; Cain, Bob.   Bob Cain explains how you can use demographic information to customize the types and levels of service to provide your rentals.

Art of Screening Prospective Tenants by Telephone, The

Asphalt Maintenance

Becoming the New Landlord.  An outline of how to approach the most important problem you will have after the purchase.  (See “How Would You Like To Be the Landlord?” for an in depth treatment.)

"Boot" And The 1031 Exchange; Cain, Bob.  This article describes the biggest pitfall in a real estate exchange.

Broadband Article Series - three articles about broadband opportunities for landlords

California: If You Negotiate A Lease Primarily In Spanish Translation Of Lease Is Required

California’s New Reporting Requirements.  A detail of the new requirements for reporting miscellaneous income in California.

California Prop. 65 Asbestos Materials Disclosure Requirements  

Can Landlords Ban Smoking In Their Properties - Also, the Reasons Why, If you Care..
Case For Small Time Discrimination, The.  Not every landlord/tenant relationship should be subject to ham-fisted government regulation.

Coming Bankruptcy Act Reform, The. A summary of the changes of greatest interest and concern to landlords.

Complete Instructions For Holding a Super-Duper, Whiz-Bang Rental Open House;   Cain, Bob

Condition, Maintenance and Repairs.  Obligations to maintain the premises.

Don't Let The Tenant Clean You Out Of The Cleaning Deposit  

Depreciation – Are You Taking Everything You Can?  Cain, Bob.

Eating Us Out of House & Home!  Termites And Other Wood-Destroying Insects 

Employee or Independent Contractor?  What makes your handyman an employee?  It is not just what you say about it, it is what you do.  This is an important read.

Ethical Use of the Tenant Holding Deposit

Evaluating the Prospective Tenant’s Credit Report

Ever Have to Give Directions to Your Rental? Check out (Simple, easy to use and FREE)

Eviction Notice as a Foundation of a Successful Eviction.  Written from the viewpoint of California law, this article contains much of value to landlords in all states.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance

Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Landlor d, The  

Fewer People Are Renting in Western Europe

Foreclosure Hot Spots

Getting The Most Out of Internet Product Review Services

Golden Gateway Case.  An important judicial decision on the right of the landlord to exclude tenant organizations from security buildings in California.

High Speed Internet Connections For Your Apartment Community or Rental Properties  

Home and Apartment Fire Safety

Home Office Deductions

Homefinders Tenant Screening Guide

How Fair Housing Laws Affect Marketing

How Rent Control Drives Out Affordable Housing

How Small Rental Properties Become Mismanaged

How to Comply with the Sex Offender Disclosure Law (California).  The application of California’s version of Megan’s Law is also a good starting place for landlords in other states.

How to Decide Whether Your Rental Agreement Should Include an Attorney Fee Clause.  The attorney fee clause does not always work in the landlord’s favor.

How to Die in a Well Planned Fashion.  A send-up of all those ten-disaster-tips articles one sees in magazines and newspapers from time to time.  Still, we included some good information, including a link to some excellent FEMA pamphlets.

How to Evaluate the Prospective Tenant’s Credit Thoroughly  

How To Fix-Up Small Rental Properties For Maximum Curb Appeal And Resale Value

How To Hire An Apartment Manager; Cain, Bob. Hints for finding resident managers who will successfully fill your on-site management needs.

How To Quickly Turn Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties Around For Maximum Profit And Resale Value

How To Reject An Applicant  

How To Use The Internet To Perform Due Diligence On Small Rental Properties

How Would You Like To Be the Landlord?
  An in-depth analysis of the process of assuming control of your new rental property.

Importance of Writing An Effective Classified Rental Ad, The  

Investment Property Buying Pitfalls For The Soon-To-Be Initiated;  Cain, Bob.

Is My Lawyer Giving Me Good Advice?

Is the UK Running Out Of Homes?

Keeping Tenants Longer, Part 1, Part 2.  Tenant retention strategy and why tenant retention should be a priority.

Kill The Death Tax  

Landlord’s Federal Posting Compliance.  The Federal wallpaper you have to post if you have employees.

Landlord Obligations in Winter; Cain, Bob. 

Landlord’s Right of Access During Tenancy, The.  A description of the practicalities and many of the legalities involved in gaining access to the rental unit while your tenant is in possession.  Includes a summary of statutory rules of entry for all states that have them, together with citations to the statutes themselves.

Landlord’s Right of Entry in California, The

Last Word On Maximum Occupancy, The

Latest Lock Law Lengthens Landlord Liability.  Complying with the ultimate in micro-management, California’s new lock law.

Lead Based Paint and the Landlord  

Lease Options; Cain, Bob.  How lease options can be used to “buy” or “sell” a property without actually buying or selling it.

Leases with Options

Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip.  This article discusses what happens when a lease is executed but the tenant cannot move in, either through the fault of the landlord or the tenant.

Mastering Your Rental and Lease Agreements.  How to understand what all that fine print in the form means, and why you need to know.

Mildew Control... Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

Minimizing Rent Losses In Evictions

Multi-Housing News and Articles

My Tenant Is Withholding Rent Because I Can't Afford To Fix the Roof, Now What?  Compliance with the implied warranty of habitability, and what can happen if you do not comply.

Personal Freedom & Rent Control.  Just our opinion

Playground Safety  

"Prospering in the Housing Bust"

Rats (And Mice) The Landlord’s Nightmare; Caruba, Alan

Real Estate Options: What They Are And How They Work

Reasons Your Tenant Should Have an Insurance Policy, The

Records... How Long is Long Enough?  How long should records be kept?  Forever.

References from Landlords – How to Verify Them  

Rent Increase Etiquette  

Resident Manager Compensation Laws in California.  It is a lot more complicated than you think.

Section 8 Changes; Cain, Bob.  A catalog of the changes that went into effect in the Section 8 program in 1999 and how they will affect landlords contemplating participation in it.

Security Deposit, The:  Using It, Accounting For It, and Defending It In Small Claims Court, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  What is the security deposit for?  How do I account for it?  What if I have to defend myself against refund demands and in Small Claims Court?  These questions are answered here.

Selecting a Tenant Screening Service

Setting Your Credit Policy

Six Keys to a Successful Security Deposit Policy  

Submetering: Going With The Flow, Bradley, Tim.

Sure Fire Eviction Killers, The.  A quick how-to article explaining the ways you can sabotage you eviction proceeding.

Tax Strategies for Landlords; Cain, Bob.  Useful hints on substantiating deductions so as to survive audits.

Ten Fair Housing Safety Features.  Some tips on avoiding the scrutiny of the housing thought police.

The Most Profitable Types Of Properties To Buy Real Estate Options On

21st Century Landlord as a Cop, The.  Will the landlord be forced to police his properties?

Uses For and the Benefits of the Ellis Act (CALIFORNIA ONLY).  The Ellis Act is an artifact of Rent Control in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA.  California landlords will find it a must read.  Others will want to read it to see what to fight against.

Utility Splitting:  A Classic Pitfall  

Want to know what your rental property is worth?  Try Estimates are FREE

Watch Your Contractors!; Cain, Bob.  A parable about hiring the wrong contractor and 20 practical types on how to avoid the mistake.

Weatherizing Your Rental

Welcoming Pets.  An introduction to and criticism of the most comprehensive web site we have been able to find on the subject, sponsored by the ASPCA.  Link included.

What Property Managers Should ExpectFrom Carpet and Vinyl Installers - Excerpt from the book Landlord Floors by Alan J. Fletcher

What To Do When The Tenant Leaves Early.  What happens when your tenant walks out on a fixed term lease.

What To Look For In Property Management Agreements; Cain, Bob. 

Who Are Those Guys?  Part 1, Part 2.  Understanding the legal position of the occupants of your property, and why this understanding is important to you.

Why Keeping the Rental Application is a Good Practice

Why Rent Control Is Immoral;  Berliner, Michael S.

Writing Better Business Letters.  Suggestions on improving your business letters including dos and don’ts and detailed formats.

You and Your Cockroach.  Man’s best friend, or, at least, the cockroach thinks so.  He’s been around longer than we have and has been with us as long as we have been here.  How to control him.

You and Your Pests.  Ugh!  Still, you must deal with them.  This article includes an extensive and interesting treatment of how the armed forces make war on pests of all kinds.

Your Newly Discovered Occupant:  Mysterious Stranger.  What happens when you find a complete stranger in the rental unit.  Based on California law, this article can still be a good starting point for landlords in other states who need to deal with this problem.

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