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Put More Value in Your Rentals (From Web Surf News July 19-25, 2011)

Six Reasons to Rent (From Web Surf News July 11, 2011)
How To Turn Your Home Into Rental Property -
Video From Web Surf News June 21, 2011

Investing Articles:  Real Estate & Mortgage -- Great Articles!

Most new millionaires are made during real estate recessions

10 Lethal Mistakes for Real Estate Investors

Buying Investment Property. Check this overview for the ways you can get into an investment property and what it will cost you.

Find Fortune in Commercial Real Estate

Foreclosure:  Someone's Tragedy, Your Golden Opportunity

Can Home Inspections Be Perfect?  No.  Home inspection is a process of risk reduction, not risk elimination.  If you employ an inspector to go over your next purchase, be aware of what is likely to be missed. 

Fixer-Uppers:  Wise Investment or Money Pit?  How can you tell if that attractively priced but unattractively maintained building will end up making you a profit? 

How to Buy Foreclosure Property.  Robert Bruss shares tips for buying distressed properties profitably. 

How to Create a Real Estate Cash Cow.  One way to use financing to generate cash flow.  

Is a Quickie Loan Approval a Mortgage Commitment?  Do not mistake an instant on line “approval” for a commitment.  This article will explain the difference. 

Lender Policies Put Condo Owner in Real Estate Pickle. A fine column from Robert Bruss with a series of Q & A dealing with mortgages to 1031 exchanges to living trusts.

No Sold If There’s Mold.  See how the latest bio-hazard panic could affect your next deal – it also applies to your rentals. 

Selling To Tenants Of A Rental Conversion - Thinking of going condo with one of your buildings? Read this for strategies to prevent an uprising among your tenants, or worse.

Ten Reasons Why Buyers Should Hire a Realtor. OK, you probably won’t want to “hire” one, but you should definitely consider engaging the services of one for your next purchase.  This article gives the pros. 

Walk-Through the Right Way.  What to watch for when you do the final walk-through before close of escrow.

Who Gets the Earnest Money Deposit.  If you place a deposit on a property but renege and fail to follow through on the deal, what happens to the deposit?  Find out here. 


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