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Landlords, You Can't Hide From The Internet! (From Web Surf News July 26, 2011)

Competitive Intelligence-Power! (From Web Surf News July, 4th, 2011)

Landlords?  Who's Managing Your Online Reputation?  (May 2011)

Do you know how to keep your hard drive healthy? Check this out (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Good news for tenants and landlords; launches a new rental search engine! (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Spotted at, Iphone; "app...looks for the best price locally as well as on the Internet." (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Apartment Industry Looks Cautiously at Broadband We guess they figure it's just a passing fad.

Computer-Savvy Criminals Increasingly Turn To Mortgage Fraud.   How high-tech crooks are using increasingly automated mortgage processing to rip off lenders big time.  Some of this may even impact you directly.

NAR’s Technology Policy Explained.  This article explains how the NAR plans to maintain Realtors™ in their position as the high priests of real estate, even on the Internet.

Net Minded Tenants Want High-Speed Access.  A majority of potential tenants will be swayed in their decision to rent by the presence or absence of convenient high speed Internet access.  Make your property stand out by bringing it into the information age.

Online Communication:  The Illusion of E-Mail Privacy.  No, email is not private.  Its convenience and speed is counterbalanced by its openness.  Save truly confidential communication for truly confidential means of communication. 

Rent Collections Via the Internet?   Purely electronic rent collection and record keeping is not only on the way, it is largely here.  See what is coming in this article. 

Should You Use an On Line Lender?   This article gives the pros and cons of securing your next mortgage on line. 

Time To Invest In a Wireless PDA?   If you have been thinking of going to a PDA device read this. 

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