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Lock Bumping - What every landlord should know (UTube video)

Budgeting Key to Investment Success.  Learn why you need a budget for your investment properties and how to create one. 

Buying Investment Property.  Check this overview for the ways you can get into an investment property and what it will cost you. 

Landlords, do you have a will? This site tells you how much fed & state death tax you'll have to pay WITHOUT a basic simple will

Do You Need an Annual Real Estate Check-Up?  There is a new breed of professional out there: the Real Estate Consultant.  Although he may be a licensed broker, his emphasis is not to sell but to provide his clients with unbiased information they can use to make important decisions about their property.  This article discusses how they operate and gives examples of when their services may be useful.

Five Keys to Successful Negotiation.  This article gives an outline of how to carry out a successful real estate negotiation.  The concepts are applicable to negotiating a purchase, or a lease with a new tenant, or for that matter, non-real estate matters as well. 

How To Cut Closing Costs.  Some suggestions on how to reduce closing costs on purchases or refinances.

How To Keep On-Site Managers. Sound tips on finding, recognizing, and keeping good resident managers.

How To Set The Rules For On-Site Managers. If you have a written rental agreement with all of your tenants you are doing well.  What about the on-site manager?  You need a written agreement with him even more and it should contain all the details about compensation and his duties.

Kiplinger Home and Real Estate Community Board

Knowing the Difference Between Assigned Lease, Sublease.   This article is a good one for lessors of residential and commercial property alike.  It contains a succinct explanation of the practical difference between a sublease and a lease assignment. 

Profit and Loss Statement, The:  What Does It Mean?   How to read and understand the components of the P&L, and prepare one for your own business.

Property Manager’s Skill Can Make or Break a Deal.  What does a manager of commercial rental property do and why is it so important?

Property Rental On a Small Scale.  How several landlords got started in the business, why they did, and what they learned. 

Pros and Cons of a Home Business.  This article discusses the practical benefits and drawbacks of running a small business in your home.  Read this before you decide to open up shop there.

Questions You Should Ask About Property Taxes.  This is a short course in how property taxes work and what you should know about them when making a buying decision. 

Records And Record Keeping.  What records should you keep and how should you keep them?  This article goes over the basics.

Setting Up a Record Keeping System.   Paper is essential to any successful operation, even in these modern computing days.  Learn how to determine what sort of record keeping system is best for you. 

Setting Up a Record Keeping System.   Describes the two major types of accounting systems and how to set them up.

Starting a Business in Your Home – Is It For You?   Another perspective on home business.  This one asks whether you are a good candidate for such an arrangement.

Ten Reasons Why Buyers Should Hire a Realtor.  OK, you probably won’t want to “hire” one, but you should definitely consider engaging the services of one for your next purchase.  This article gives the pros. 

Walk-Through the Right Way.  What to watch for when you do the final walk-through before close of escrow.

What Do Loans Really Cost?   With the proliferation of mortgage companies on the Internet it is possible to contact and get quotes from literally dozens of companies, not just the few that may be in town.  How do you know you are not comparing apples to oranges when they quote you a rate?

What Is “Fair Market Value?”  This is a practical explanation of the meaning of that often used term and why it is important to you.

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