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Can Home Inspections Be Perfect?  No.  Home inspection is a process of risk reduction, not risk elimination.  If you employ an inspector to go over your next purchase, be aware of what is likely to be missed. 

Home Owner's Guide To Buying a New Roof, A.  Not only does this article compare the different types of roofing systems and materials, it also covers roof design, causes of roof deterioration, how to select a roofing contractor.  This is a must read for anyone with a new roof in his immediate future. 

How “Real” Is Your Independent Contractor Status. Many landlords have handymen and others whom they classify as independent contractors for tax and other purposes.  But simply saying someone is an independent contractor is not enough to make them so.  They may still, in reality, be employees, and a failure to realistically evaluate their status can lead to big problems down the line.  This note on a Georgia appellate court decision evaluates and “independent” salesperson’s status in view of the amount of control the broker sought to exercise over her activities.  This is applicable to any independent contractor.  See also our article

How to Hire Construction Managers.  If you are confronted with a major repair or improvement job, managing it yourself may take too much time and overtax your expertise.  If so, learn how to select someone to manage the job for you and how to deal with him.

How To Keep On-Site Managers. Sound tips on finding, recognizing, and keeping good resident managers.

How To Set The Rules For On-Site Managers.  If you have a written rental agreement with all of your tenants you are doing well.  What about the on-site manager?  You need a written agreement with him even more and it should contain all the details about compensation and his duties.

Property Manager’s Skill Can Make or Break a Deal.  What does a manager of commercial rental property do and why is it so important?

Some Employers Are Wary Of New Legislation Regarding Illegal Aliens
.  If you have employees this article is a must read.  It deals with new legislation signed by former President Clinton in December, 2000. 

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