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<%@Page Language="VB" %> 
<%@Import Namespace="System.Drawing" %> 
<%@Import Namespace="System.IO" %> 
<%@Import Namespace="System.Drawing.Imaging" %> 

Response.Expires = 0 
Dim newBitmap as Bitmap '= null 
Dim g as Graphics '= null 
Dim sFont as string 
Dim sFontSize as string 
Dim sPhrase as string 
Dim iFontSize as integer 
Dim sColorBackground as string 
Dim oColorBackground as color 
Dim sFontColorName as string 
dim ofont as color 
Dim oFontColor as color 
Dim oFontCounter as font 
Dim oBitMap as bitmap 
Dim oStream as MemoryStream 
dim oStringSize as SizeF 
Dim iWidth as integer 
Dim iHeight as Integer 
Dim oBitmapOut as bitmap 

' Get the phrase to render 
sPhrase = Request.QueryString.Get("Phrase") 
'if sPhrase = Null then str2Render = "No Phrase specified" 

' What font should we use? 
sFont = Request.QueryString.Get("FontName") 
'if sFont = Null Then sFont = "Lucida Sans Unicode" 

' Which font size? 
iFontSize = 12 
sFontSize = Request.QueryString.Get("FontSize") 
'if NOT (sFontSize = NULL) Then 
    iFontSize = convert.toint32(sFontSize) 
'End If 

' How about a different background color 
sColorBackground = Request.QueryString.Get("BackgroundColor") 
oColorBackground = Color.White 
'if NOT (sColorBackground = NULL) then 
    oColorBackground = ColorTranslator.FromHTML(sColorBackground) 
'end if 

' Should we change the font color? 
sFontColorName = Request.QueryString.Get("FontColor") 
oFont = Color.Black 
'if NOT (sFontColorName = NULL) Then 
    oFont = ColorTranslator.FromHTML(sFontColorName) 
'End If 

' Get measurements of the image based on Font Size 
oFontCounter = new Font(sFont, iFontSize) 
oBitmap = new Bitmap(1,1,PixelFormat.Format32bppARGB) 
g = Graphics.FromImage(oBitmap) 
oStringSize = g.MeasureString(sPhrase, oFontCounter) 
iWidth = cint(oStringSize.Width) 
iHeight = cint(oStringSize.Height) 

' Create a new image with background color, draw the phrase using font, fontcolor and font size 
oBitmapOut = new Bitmap(iWidth,iHeight,PixelFormat.Format32bppARGB) 
g = Graphics.FromImage(oBitmapOut) 
g.FillRectangle(new SolidBrush(oColorBackground), new Rectangle(0,0,iWidth,iHeight)) 
g.DrawString(sPhrase, oFontCounter, new SolidBrush(oFont), 0, 0) 

' Output the image as a PNG into a stream 
oStream = new MemoryStream() 
' could be BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF 

' Send stream to client 
Response.ContentType = "image/gif" 

' Clean up 
'oStream.Dispose() ' Cant dispose of this -- get an error 
'oStringSize.Dispose() ' Cant dispose of this -- get an error 


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